General Equine Health Care

General Health Checks

Our horses are a valuable part of our lives - from valued competition horse, first ridden pony to much loved companion animal. To make sure they are sound and healthy, we recommend an annual health check to ensure they are comfortable and that no other health problems are developing. 

Stomach oil drenching for sand

Sand can accumulate in the horses' gastrointestinal system and cause signs of colic, impaction and if severe - death. At Kojonup Veterinary Hospital we offer drenching with paraffin oil to help reduce the sand burden in your  horses gastrointestinal tract. In horses with high sand burdens, it is ideal to perform this every 12 months.


Tetanus and Strangles: These diseases can cause severe signs and even death in horses if affected. Here at Kojonup Veterinary Hospital we offer vaccinations to help provide protection against these disease. 

  • Vaccinations can be started from 12 weeks of age 
  • For tetanus the primary course is 2 injections, 4 weeks apart, then a booster at 12 months.
  • For strangles the primary course is 3 injections, 2 weeks apart each, then a booster after 12 months. 
  • Depending on management strategies and disease exposure, boosters for these vaccinations may be required every 12 months. 

Geriatric Health Checks

As horses age, their risk of developing disease increases and their requirements change. At Kojonup Veterinary Hospital we offer health checks, dental examination, blood testing (to screen organ function) and disease testing (for example for Cushings and Metabolic Syndrome) to assess your aging horse's health. We can also offer suggestions for management into the future to help your friend live long and healthy through their golden years.