Pregnancy Testing in Cattle

Pregnancy testing Cattle

Here at Kojonup Veterinary Hospital, our Veterinarians are trained in manual pregnancy diagnosis. We have also invested in a Ultrasound pregnancy scanner, which allows efficient diagnosis of pregnancy and reduces time taken/stress on the individual animal. If a cow appears non-pregnant on an ultrasound scan, diagnosis is confirmed by manual palpation (to ensure no abnormalities of the uterus or freemartins are present in the herd). 

When to Pregnancy test

We are able to pregnancy test your cattle from 6-8 weeks after the bull has been taken out. Early scanning and detection allows problems to be detected and corrected early in the season. 

Reasons for pregnancy testing your cattle

  • Allows you to recognise if there are issues with the bulls or ET program
  • Allows you to reduce the cost of feeding dry/empty cows (by removing them from the pregnant herd)
  • Allows you to identify females with reproduction problems that may require treatment
  • Allows you to plan your calving season

What we ask when pregnancy testing: 

  • Depending on the season and time of pregnancy testing, your Veterinarian may ask that the cattle be yarded the night before

If you have any questions regarding pregnancy testing your cattle, please feel free to contact our clinic